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Outside auto show activity, SUPERB provide you with best escort.

        With the developement of society, auto show, test drive will, tour and series of activities of the scene,always see the figure of tents. Now the auto show no longer confined to the traditional building exhibition hall, but the outdoor show. In order to avoid the vehicles in the sun exposure, wind, and rain damage, auto tents have become indispensabe to the auto show temporary building.

        SUPERB TNET is a manufacturer which is combined with design, produce, leasing and sales, always make cooperation with Benz, BMW and many others well-known car brands, but also creat many times auto show which across the country. SUPERB TENT full of experience and mature technology. To provide you with a span of 3-60 meters, the venue is not limited to a variety of auto show tent. Large tents can accommodate thousands of people.

        Because of the tents used in the field of automotive exhibition with the advantages of unique flexible to move, and the tents structures, demolition flexible and efficient, 100% of the space utilization, low cost, is the best partner for car exhibition show.

        There are no special requirments for the choice if venue, just give us an open space and tell us the atmosphere you want, SUPERB TENT will provide you with a perfect solution to meet your needs.