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Manufacturing line

● Aluminum Manufacturing Line

   Advanced CNC Machine from Germany is introduced into aluminum manufacturing line.
     ·More precise manufacturing according to CAD drawing, avoid manual mistake.
     ·Higher efficiency, timely delivery is assured.
     ·Less labor, meaning less cost and more competitive. Only one skilled staff is required to operate the machine

● Fabric Manufacturing Line

Automatic hot-welding machine from U.S.A is introduced into fabric manufacturing line.

·Better welding quality:can adjust the welding temperature to make the joint more firm and leave no flint fire marks on the fabric comparing to traditional hot welding machine

·Higher efficiency,for example: one pc of 20m long roof cover production need time:
*Automatic hot welding machine:2 workers by 10 min.
*Traditional welding machine:1 worker by 2h.

·Less labor, more competitive products be provided.

Other advanced machines like automatic cutting bed, automatic eyelets fixing machine, automatic sewing machines are widely used in the fabric manufacturing to make the production more precise and higher efficiency.